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Inclusion. Community. Adaptation. Come join our dance school with a difference.

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ABOUT The Dance Academy

Founder Kate Stanforth was training to be a professional ballerina when she became unwell at the age of 14 and never fully recovered. As soon as she was strong enough, the first thing she wanted to do was get back into the dance studio. She started teaching from her wheelchair but found barrier after barrier as a disabled person dance industry. So, she made it her mission to make the dance industry more inclusive and to give everyone who wants to, the chance to dance. 

Kate holds an Associate Teaching Qualification in ballet (I.D.T.A) and also has her Level 1 Progressing Ballet Techniques. In 2022, Kate achieved her ultimate goal for the dance academy which was to hire those with lived experience of chronic illness as dance teachers to join the academy, one of which she trained herself. Now, we have 5 staff members in total with different conditions and from different parts of the world.


Over the past year, dancers from her school have prepared for exams, shows and even worked with brands. The academy aims to create opportunities for all dancers and talent development is a new, exciting progression Kate leads.


The sessions we currently run include inclusive dance, inclusive tap, advanced dance, ballet with PBT, and private sessions which cover a whole host of things from personal programmes to exam practise. Whether it's for fun, or something a bit more professional, get in touch to find out more and start your dance journey.



Our timetable varies each month so please do check on our page regularly as to what classes we are running - it greatly depends on the health of our chronically ill staff. We have an exciting collaboration launching soon, so do sign up to our updates ready for it's launch! 

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