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The team working on this website have chronic illnesses and we haven't quite finished this yet... in the meantime we'll leave you with some reviews to read. 



Kate created a beautiful environment. I love that we ended classes with a group discussion and being able to hear from everyone. She is making a beautiful community. We dance together, chat together, and grow together. I feel so welcomed there as a queer person, and I feel welcomed with people with all types of disabilities. Everyone is welcomed here and information that you want to share with your visitors.


You are doing really well with accessibility. I feel like I can attend class honest about where I am at that day instead of pretending to be fine. Even if I am feeling unwell or am injured, your classes are the only ones I've consistently been able to take because accommodations are so readily available. 


Having zoom classes has meant I am able to dance again, there is nothing in my local area for inclusive dance and I had longed to dance again for a long time. Kate is a very good teacher, she communicates clearly, is friendly, and her passion for dance shines through and encourages me to really feel connected with the dance. The opportunities for feedback and for students to help shape things has been brilliant. The social was lovely, it was so wonderful to be with people with a shared passion and similar experiences. It is so fun and enjoyable and is helping with maintaining my muscles. My mum always tells me she can tell when I've been to class as my body language is more open and its clear I'm feeling content, and she can see that in me after every class.


You have no idea how much your class means to me. It was a blast! I felt so supported and seen. 

Audrey - Student

Kate Stanforth Dance Academy is just exceptional. I've been practicing with Kate for 18 months or so now, and it's one of the highlights of my week. She's a fantastic teacher, who has put inclusivity, accessibility and community at the heart of what she does. There isn't many places like this! Thank you, Kate! 

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