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Summer Timetable

*Reduced Timetable*

During July/August we will be running a reduced timetable. Fay, our incredible teacher, has offered to teach over the summer on a reduced timetable. We are also planning one professional workshop and one social for you too.

Monday 4-4.45pm (fortnightly): 8th July, 22nd July, 5th August, 19th August. Online Troupe - Lead Artist Fay Crockett £10 for all 4 sessions

Social: 29th July / 26th August FREE

🌟 Sessions are 45mins 

🌟 Sessions are LIVE on zoom

🌟 Routine and/or notes will be uploaded onto dropbox after class 

🌟 Sessions are inclusive


Online Troupe - Just like our inclusive dance classes we've had since the beginning, except we will be working on one song a month this time. At the end of the month, you have the option to join in a recording which we'll post on our socials. 

Rambert Grades *On pause at the moment* - A class exploring the syllabus and inclusive dance. Perfect for people who'd like to learn more about inclusive dance and technique. Perfect if you'd like to go further in teacher training and/or exams.

Advanced Dance *On pause at the moment* - A class for those who'd like a more advanced level of dance with a variety of styles.

Content Creation - A course which will run for the year helping you with all things content creation. Suitable for beginners / people who are relatively new to content creation, but welcome to all. We eventually will be working on live campaigns with brands (some exciting names already confirmed!). 


*During summer we only have one payment method to cut down on admin, which is one payment for the full summer course. Any other classes we put up eg workshops will be bookable separately*


Best Value

PBT Monthly Subscription



Every month

Pay a £10 monthly subscription to access a selection of pre-recorded PBT Classes

Valid until canceled

Pre-recorded PBT Classes

online session booking

If you are a member/one of our usual subscribers, please note you need to sign up for each code as they have different links and we have stopped the subscriptions over Summer. 

Beatz 2.0 Workshop - FREE

Social - FREE

Summer Timetable (4 classes) - £10

Personalised Packages
The Last Leg Series 27 - TX3 - 10Feb23-050 copy.jpg


Want a wedding dance? A competition dance? Or maybe just a dance which is properly suited to your body. The team have years of experience and we can help!



We've created bespoke packages for brands and consulted on inclusion. A recent example involving our academy is Snag Tights



Are you running an event and like a performance and/or workshop? Perhaps you'd just like to learn about what we do. We're here to help!


If you are interested in sponsoring our dance academy, please email
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